Call for proposals

Deadline: 12 March 2021

We invite the submission of abstracts of 2,000-3,000 characters on any subject suggested by the topic of philosophy in/on translation. 

Register here if you wish to attend the symposium or to attend the symposium and present a paper

Please feel free to mail the organisers at if you have questions.

Appel à communications

Date limite : 12 mars 2021

Les propositions de communications seront reçues sous forme de résumés (entre 2000 et 3000 caractères) sur tous les thèmes découlant de l’intersection entre philosophie et traduction.

Inscrivez-vous ici si vous souhaitez participer au symposium ou si vous souhaitez proposer une communication et participer au symposium.

N'hésitez pas à envoyer un mail aux organisateurs à si vous avez des questions.

Conference presenters will be expected to submit their pre-recorded 20-minute talk by 02 August 2021 and to take part in a live discussion session online on 10 September 2021. Additionally, participants will be expected to listen to the pre-recorded talks of other participants and to be available for lively and engaged debate on those talks.

Only registered participants will receive a link to attend the symposium.

Ní bhfaighidh ach rannpháirtithe cláraithe nasc chun freastal ar an siompóisiam.

Nur registritaj partoprenantoj ricevos ligon por partopreni la simpozion.